Alsace wines launching in Missouri and Florida Markets

First imported in the US in 2009, Baron de Hoen Alsace wines currently have distribution in 15 states

Baron de Hoen wines are broadening their horizons by launching in Missouri with Golden Barrel, Inc. & Massandra Distributing, and a re-launch in Florida with Amplus Select. According to Sales & Marketing Director, Karl Runge, “Golden Barrel, Massandra and Amplus Select have young, dynamic sales teams who believe in the strength and quality of the Baron de Hoen wines. We are very excited to start working with these distributors”. The launch couldn’t have come at a better time, for the summer months are the best time to enjoy these crisp and delicious wines with their fresh and fruity taste and elegant, yet flirty style.

Originating in 1952 in the Alsace region of France, Baron de Hoen wines have modernized their techniques, but still hold true to their traditional winemaking art. This exceptional combination has even been carried through to the attractive packaging displayed on each bottle. The brand’s beauty parallels the particular region of France from which it is produced, for Alsace is most celebrated as creating some of the best dry Rieslings in the world and the region’s Gewurztraminer wines are considered greatly aromatic. Baron de Hoen creates a gateway for consumers to acquire a taste of a unique, and deeply cherished, area of France.

Baron de Hoen can also pride themselves on their responsible farming techniques. To obtain their ‘true to terroir’ philosophy, they focus on three main objectives:

$11. Guarantee production of healthy grapes and higher quality wine products.

$12. Promote environmental friendly winemaking techniques and sustainable practices for both people and the environment.

$13. Maintain economic sustainability and profitability for winegrowers.

It’s no wonder Baron de Hoen has a list of awards dating all the way back to 1954! These Alsace wines have earned multiple accolades from the Wine Enthusiast alone, beginning with a ‘Best Buy’ for their 2008, 2009, & 2010 vintages of the Riesling, which rated in at 88 points. The Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc & Cremant also received recognition with 86 points for multiple vintages.


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