The Company

The Other Wine and Spirits LLC (OWS) is dedicated to creating and establishing leading brands of wines and spirits in the market place. OWS goal is to market high quality products that remain attractively priced in the North American, Latin American and Duty Free markets.

In order to achieve this goal, OWS will continue to maximize growth of its current portfolio as well as selectively seeking opportunities through new brands. OWS believes in creating a quality branding concept for every one of its products, backed by a solid operation management system and integrated marketing.

As an innovative entrepreneur and highly experienced salesman, Karl Runge has been an invaluable member of the OWS team.  Karl has a solid background in the food and wine industry including experience operating and owning restaurants; however his true passion lies in wines & spirits brand building and selling!  For the past 13 years he has focused his skills and refined his palate by working as a National Sales & Marketing Manager in the wine & spirit importing business. Karl joined OWS in 2013 as Vice President and Director of Sales & Marketing. 

OWS is committed to the success of its employees and is continuously seeking to build a work environment that is both challenging and rewarding for everyone.